Hello, my name is Rmly (or Darius in real life), a developer and Linux enthusiast from Romania, and this is my website made using HTML and CSS as I don't want to use bloated frontend frameworks. I started coding in 2019, and currently, I have several active projects. My favorite programming language is JavaScript.


Mail: hello@rmly.dev

Discord: Rmly#3210

GitHub: Rmlyy

YouTube: Rmly

Twitter: @RmlyTheDev

If you want to get in touch with me, I recommend sending me an email or DM me on Discord.


Project Name Made With Link
My Website HTML, CSS rmly.dev
URL Shortener Express, EJS, MySQL xzx.ro
ShareX Uploader Express, EJS i.rmly.dev (Source Code)
Reverse DNS API Express api.rmly.dev
My Discord Bot Eris, MySQL discord.rmly.dev

... and many other projects which are not listed here for various reasons.